Market Notes

Vendor line up is set for the season!  We are at capacity.  Now it's down to work with logistical prep.  Busy, busy, busy.  Going forward, advance apologizes, there will be limited response to vendor inquiries.   

Market always runs on TUESDAYS 3-7pm Rain or Shine.  May 3rd to November 1st, 2016. 

Follow us on twitter @TBFarmersMarket It's the best way to get the latest and greatest of what's arrived on the farmers table on the day of the market...and other farmer/food related, interesting info. NEW this year, being our 10th and all...follow us on instagram #TrinityBellwoodsFM. Where one, honest image will be posted each week during the season.Please like our facebook page, Trinity Bellwoods Farmers Market. Visit for listing of all FM's in Greater Toronto. 

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We know it's uber convenient to bring you bike with you right up to the stall.  But it's not always the safest approach - seen many a bike topple over in crowded stall area, there's lots of small people around and we don't want anyone to get hurt from shopping at a farmers market - yikes.  Simple solution, just lock up your wheels, lay it down on the grass or with the kick stand or LEAN it agains a mature tree.  You bike will be fine. Thank you!


LEAVE A BAG / TAKE A BAG PROGRAM starts this season.

To further our commitment to our environment, we will be implementing 'leave a bag/take a bag' for FREE.  Which means, any extra clean re-useable shopping bags that you have at home (we know you have some) bring them to market for others to use.  If you forget your bag one time, help yourself to a bag.  Return it, keep using it.  No worries.

Please only donate CLEAN bags, especially free of pet hairs re: people with allergens.  Thank you.









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TBFM is an initiative of the Friends of Trinity Bellwoods Park.