Market Notes

Well folks, that's all she wrote for 2016.  Thank you to all our loyal patrons over the past 10 years.  Much gratitude to the many volunteers who are core to our operations, couldn't do it without this bunch of diverse, interesting and intelligent characters.  Each week they help the vendors load in/out from their vehicles to their stalls.  Speaking of vendors - also a bunch of diverse, interesting bunch of characters we might add - there is so much to say about how special they are and could not do them justice in this forum.  What will be stated is that the dedication these people have to their livelihood astounds. Sincerely.  Participating at a farmers' market is not for the faint of heart.  We definately got no faint hearts at tbfm.  The quality of their product is the reason people come and have been since 2007.  Our tranquil setting in the park, under a canopy of trees surrounded by green space is teh added bonus which makes it especially welcoming to the community - kids roam free - who appreciate our presence more than we will ever know.  Such positive energy.  Thank you from our hearts.  See you in May 2017.  Spread the word about us to those not in the know!

We are also grateful to Nadege and The County General for harbouring our sandwichboards during the season, again!  It's a huge help, thank you.

Congratulations to our final basket draw winner in October, on the left, Moreen! With Lois (Sept.) and Russell (August).  The basket draw was lots of fun and we'll do it again next season!

oct16 basket draw mo   sept basket draw winner    aug 16 russell winkel basket winner

Like our facebook page  Trinity Bellwoods Farmers Market for weekly newsy stuff and other related and interesting information.  For the hottest news of what's arrived on the farmers/vendors tables on market day, best follow us on twitter @TBFarmersMarket  Follow us on instagram @TrinityBellwoodsFM where we post a few unfiltered images post market day.  Visit Toronto Farmers Market Network as a great resource for all FM's in Greater Toronto. 

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We know it's uber convenient to bring you bike with you right up to the stall.  But it's not always the safest approach - seen many a bike topple over in crowded stall area, there's lots of small people around and we don't want anyone to get hurt from shopping at a farmers market - yikes.  Simple solution, just lock up your wheels, lay it down on the grass or with the kick stand or LEAN it agains a mature tree.  You bike will be fine. Thank you!

Looking for some tips, check out this fun article

 Polite Peddler: Farmers Market Etiquette dandyBLOG

bikes walked fm   

bikes well put at fm

LEAVE A BAG / TAKE A BAG PROGRAM starts this season.

To further our commitment to our environment, we will be implementing 'leave a bag/take a bag' for FREE.  Which means, any extra clean re-useable shopping bags (paper handled ones are good too!)  that you have at home (we know you have some) bring them to market for others to use.  If you forget your bag one time, help yourself to a bag.  Return it, keep using it.  No worries.

Please only donate CLEAN bags, especially free of pet hairs re: people with allergens.  Thank you.










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TBFM is an initiative of the Friends of Trinity Bellwoods Park.